The New “Support”

2014-10-03 07:59

Dropbox exemplifies it.

I have a free account with over 7 GB of storage, built up in the early days when few knew about DB and I got bonus gigabytes by proselytizing it to friends & colleagues. You’d think that loyalty might count for something? Think again.

I knew that free accounts get back-of-the-bus service in terms of timeliness. But this does take the cake.


After iOS 8 upgrade, Camera Upload says “Can’t connect to Dropbox”

There are no options I have found to force a retry, and no more detail about the error. Each time I take a new photo, it tries again to upload all, and fails in the same way.

I tried signing out of Dropbox but it would not let me. Clicking the Confirm choice acts exactly like clicking on Cancel.

I turned off the phone & restarted; nothing has changed. Sill can’t connect.

I’m on WiFi at home.

Dropbox “support” (after > 48 hours):


Thanks for writing in. While we’d love to answer every question we get, we unfortunately can’t respond to your inquiry due to a large volume of support requests. Here are some resources for resolving the most common issues:

Restore files or folders - www [dot] dropbox [dot] com/help/969

Reset your Dropbox password - www [dot] dropbox [dot] com/forgot

Reset/Disable two-step verification - www [dot] dropbox [dot] com/help/364

Learn about sharing files or folders - www [dot] dropbox [dot] com/help/category/Sharing

Learn about Dropbox’s desktop app - www [dot] dropbox [dot] com/help/category/Desktop

Learn about Dropbox’s mobile apps - www [dot] dropbox [dot] com/help/category/Mobile

For all other issues, please check out our Help Center - www [dot] dropbox [dot] com/help

We’re sorry for the inconvenience,
The Dropbox Team