Journalistic Units of Measure

2011-12-10 16:59

(Added 2011-12-10, 18:52 EST: Wikipedia trumps it, as always: the list of unusual units of measurement features many, but not all, of the units below. Hat-tip to @starc.)

The human hair

"The trick is to fabricate a lattice of interconnected hollow tubes with a wall thickness 1,000 times thinner than a human hair," said lead author Dr. Tobias Schaedler of HRL.
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The dime

Verbatim Store 'n' Stay USB is Smaller than a Dime
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The credit card

The Planon SlimScan SS100 is a credit card-sized high-resolution color scanner, designed for scanning and keeping track of receipts.
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The basketball

It's not uncommon to look skyward on any given night and see streaking asteroid detritus. Wednesday night's chunk was likely no bigger than a basketball and burned up in Earth's atmosphere.
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The refrigerator

Other gems include an Apple 1 computer (complete with wooden casing), an original Google server, and the first disk drive, IBM's 1956 Ramac: Bigger than a refrigerator, it boasts just enough memory to store a single MP3.
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The bus

NASA bus-sized satellite to crash-land this week
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The football stadium

Laser fusion trials have already taken place at the US-based National Ignition Facility. Here, enormous amounts of energy have been produced inside a structure as big as a football stadium, containing a 192-strong laser array.
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The aircraft carrier

Tracking of the aircraft carrier-sized asteroid will begin at 9:30 a.m. local time (PDT) on Nov. 4...
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The Empire State Building

Think Big! Arizona Solar Tower 2X Taller Than the Empire State Building Will Produce 200 Megawatts
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The distance from the earth to the moon

In $1 bills, the pile [representing the national debt] would reach to the moon and back twice.
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